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We specialize in production of complex steel and machine constructions. In this field we supply the paper industry, power engineering, machine building, shipbuilding, building industry, mining, and railway engineering.

Fabrication / Machining

About us

We execute our orders basing on the customer’s technical documentation. We guarantee a complex service including all technological processes. Our advantages are: quality, short terms and competitive delivery prices. We kindly invite to cooperation.

Examples of products:

  • tanks, silos, chests,
  • bridge and building constructions,
  • fan housings, air transmission installations,
  • machine constructions,
  • foot-paces, ladders, stairs.

Examples of our technological abilities:


  • oxygen cutting of carbon steel of thickness up to 220mmm, maximum metal sheet dimensions: 12,000mm x 4,000mm, full numerical control,
  • plasma arc cutting of carbon steel, heat resisting steel and acid resistant steel of thickness up to 8mm,
  • mechanical cutting with guillotine shears - steel of thickness up to 20mm,
  • mechanical saw cutting.


  • full range of welded constructions accomplished with MIG/MAG and TIG/MMA technologies,
  • conformity with the DIN 1881-7 and DIN 15018 standards. Certificate of SLV,
  • welding of carbon steel, heat resisting steel and acid resistant steel,
  • mechanical and thermal preparation of welding phases,
  • blast cleaning of metallurgocal elements and construction making,
  • vibration stress relieving and annealing of welded constructions,
  • ball peening and passivation of acid resistant steel,
  • paint coating.


  • milling, drilling, boring, accuracy to 0,05mm,
  • maximum dimensions of machined elements: 6,000mm x 2,000mm x 2,000mm,
  • maximum weight: 24 tons.

WE PRODUCE SINGLE ELEMENTS of dimensions 15.000mm x 5.000mm x 3.200mm.


For over 10 years we make products for the best and the biggest machine building companies. 90% of our sales is for the German market. Both sides respect the confidentiality of our business therefore you will not find here the names of companies and images of our customers. We talk with each new customer about potential cooperation individually.


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